Custom Handcrafted Dolls

           Here at Bunny's we can handcraft a custom doll to your specifications

and liking's. You choose the mold, skin tone, hair, eyes, paint colors, clothes, etc.


We can also create customized portrait look-a-like dolls, just send us a picture of

what you want your doll to look like. Or take our doll making classes to create

your own special doll!


We also have fairy molds that are great for fantasy dolls and anime style dolls.


We also custom make doll clothing and doll furniture.

Just a few examples of many wig styles we have here at Bunny's Doll Cottage!

Choose the skin tone you want.

Many eye colors and types.

Tons of wig colors!

           The possiblities are endless! Please come on down, call us, or send us a message

to let us help you create your unique one-of-a-kind handcrafted doll you are sure to treasure for

years to come!