Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Q. Do you buy dolls?
A. No we do not since we manufacture them in store.

Q. Do you take donations?
A. Yes we take donations of all sorts to donate.


Q. What type of payments do you accept?
A. Cash and check.


Q. Do you do free estimates?
A. Yes we do.


Q. Do you special order dolls from manufacturers?
A. No, we do not.


Q. What doll cleaner do you use?
A. It's a combination of different solutions and components.


Q. Do you take orders out of state?
A. Yes we take mail orders out of state.


Q. Do you take international orders?
A. Not at this time.


Q. Do you build doll furniture?
A. Yes, we do.


Q. Do you sew custom doll clothes?
A. Yes, we do.

Doll Making Classes
Q. How long do classes last?
A. Once a week for an hour and a half with flexible days
that work best for you.

Q. Do you offer kids classes?
A. Yes and they include a complimentary lunch.


Q. What molds do you have?
A. Over 200 molds of dolls and animals.


Q. Do you make portrait look-a-like dolls?
A. Yes we do.



Repair and Restoration

Q. How long do repairs take?
A. Between 6 to 8 weeks.


Q. Do you do rush orders?
A. Yes, upon request.


Q. Do you work on vintage, antique, plastic, or composition dolls?
A. Yes, we work on dolls of all types, not just porcelain.


Q. Do you repair stuffed animals?
A. Yes, we do.


Q. Do you repair resin statues?
A. Yes, we do.


Q. Do you repair doll clothing?
A. Yes, we do.


Q. Do you restore wigs?
A. Yes, we restore and replace wigs.


Q. Do you restring dolls?
A. Yes, we do.


Q. Do you do face-ups for asian-ball-jointed dolls?
A. Yes, we do.



Gift Showroom

Q. What type of dolls do you carry?
A. Different types of Storybook dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, Ginny dolls, Barbie dolls, and much much more.


Q. Do you carry asian-ball-jointed dolls?
A. Not at the moment but we do repair them and do face-ups for them.


Q. Do you carry doll making supplies?
A. Yes, from paints, joints, wigs and more.


Q. Do you carry vintage clothing?
A. Yes we do.


Q. Do you carry doll accessories?
A. Yes, we do.


Q. Do you carry doll furniture?

A. Yes, we do.

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Phone: 510-483-7664 
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