Meet The Doll Makers


          We couldn’t introduce the team without giving credit to the founder Bunny. She was a true talent. It’s only fitting we start with praises to Bunny, the owner, doll maker, doll teacher, and sister whom had tremendous talent that is a true reflection of what Bunny’s Doll Cottage and Hospital represents. She unfortunately lost her battle to cancer in 2007 and will forever be missed.



          Donna, Bunny’s sister and best friend have been with the doll shop from the beginning and continues to carry on the family business in the tradition and integrity the doll shop has always been known for. Donna runs the shop and is a talented and skillful painter, art teacher, doll sculptor, doll estimator, and also specializes in doll repairs of all types. Donna started out in ceramics classes with her sister and has been with Bunny and the Doll shop since the beginning. She began casting dolls and teaching students how to paint and create porcelain dolls. She has even stretched her artistic side by venturing into sculpting her own doll from clay. A little boy named Skippy that has won awards at doll shows. Her doll caught so much attention even QVC wanted to sell her work of art.  Now she runs and operates this fun little place. She teaches and repairs dolls and is dedicated to keeping Bunny’s Doll Cottage and Hospital a beautiful experience for everyone. ”This is my happy place and will always be Sisters Act to me”.


          Monica is the daughter of Donna and the niece of Bunny’s. She started her love of doll making     while recovering from a traumatic brain injury. She used the shop as a way to communicate and socialize with people and learn the art of doll making and repair. She attributes a lot of her healing to the doll shop and unknowingly possessed a hidden talent that revealed itself when she made her first portrait doll for a customer which now she offers for customers at the Shop. “I have a vividly colorful imagination when I create dolls which make them beautiful, unique, and definitely one of a kind for sure.”


          Val, a longtime friend, student, teacher, and seamstress whom specializes in intricate doll repairs. She began her blossoming relationship with Bunny making ceramic dolls in the 80’s. When Bunny decided to open her shop, Val followed alongside and began making doll clothes for the new shop gradually over the years. She began teaching doll classes and repairing dolls with Bunny and Donna that led to her working three days a week. “We're one big family.” Since Bunny’s passing, she remains committed to working at the doll shop and “Keeping Bunny’s love for dolls alive”. Val enjoys meeting new doll lovers from all around and is always happy to get new doll repairs that challenge her.


          Toni-Ann, a longtime childhood friend of the family, so close you could say she is one of the family. Toni has been helping at the doll shop for several years. She started volunteering by helping Bunny cast dolls and doing light repairs. She started taking doll classes every Tuesday night tuning her artistic edge with a paintbrush, utilizing her skills taught to her from Bunny and Donna. She is dedicated to the shop every Saturday helping us make this place a pleasant and fun-filled environment.