The Story of Bunny's Doll Cottage and Hospital

          The story of how Bunny’s Doll Cottage and Hospital originally began is a family filled story that starts with mom, A.K.A Skip and dad (Tony) that both had a gift and an artistic knack. They raised a total of five children two of which the five had that particular great gift too. Little did they know at the time they later would open their own art studio named Bunny’s Doll Cottage and Hospital. Bunny and Donna, two sisters with great imaginations, art tools, and a paint brush, inherited the “BUG", “ artist knack,” or just the simple love to create. So they did and it was named Bunny's Doll Cottage and Hospital.

          In 1972 Evelyn, A.K.A Skip, began her hobby making little dolls made out of styrofoam, plastic, felt, beads, hand- made clothing, and taught her daughters how to make them as well. A few years later in 1974 Evelyn and her daughter Bunny took a Porcelain doll making class in Alameda, CA at Ellis Doll House from the late Elli. They loved making the Dolls so much they broadened their horizons in doll making and art. Eventually also taking ceramic class, this time inviting Bunny’s sister Donna to join. The sisters would sell their beautiful pieces at art shows were customers and other artists would ask them to make custom dolls for their loved ones and constantly suggest they start their own doll making class. Pondering the idea of Bunny having her own shop she bought a kiln and set up classes in a garage with 15 students. 

          In 1985,with help from her father Tony, sister Donna, and husband Dave they opened their first real shop in San Leandro, CA. They taught eight classes with 30 to 40 students per week. In 1988 the classes grew so popular and Bunny’s Doll Cottage and Hospital had to move to a bigger location which grew even larger. 


          In 1990 Bunny found a permanent location for Bunny’s Doll Cottage and Hospital at 2240 Washington Ave San Leandro, CA 94577. It's a beautiful English Tudor style home were they created a fully functional dollhouse and hospital equipped with a child friendly show room with displays decorated with dolls, gifts, clothes, and much more to resemble a true doll house. Inside the doll cottage are rooms dedicated to doll repairs for customers with injured dolls, a porcelain doll making class room, and pouring room where doll molds are used to cast custom made dolls. 

This is Bunny always playing around.

  We miss you and keep you close to our hearts.